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REWARD: $100



Very pretty, her hair can get a bit scraggly if it is not brushed, however. She has brownish-blonde hair on her face (most likely over her eyes) with a medium-long, brownish-red coat on her body with black tips. She has one pointed ear and one floppy ear, covered in long, gold hair. She is dainty and probably no more than a foot from the ground. She is also full of energy and loves teasing people who try to pick her up. She will be alerted and even come to her name sometimes SPANELLI.


yorkshire terrier

Last Seen:

She was inside of our home; the doors were closed and her gate was up. Someone had to have come inside and taken her. They could be trying to breed or sell her, she is very pretty. around 5:00 pm on November 16, 2017

Contact: (919) 333-7656


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