Aerial Spraying for Mosquitoes Scheduled to Resume on October 8th

Aerial Spraying for Mosquitoes Scheduled to Resume on October 8th
October 8, 2018
4:00 PM

Smithfield, NC – County-wide aerial spraying for mosquitoes is scheduled to resume tonight, Monday, October 8th from approximately 8 p.m. – 4 a.m., weather permitting.  This application will complete Johnston County’s preventive Mosquito Abatement plan. Spraying did not occur last night due to the contractor experiencing an unexpected delay in shipment.  Spraying will occur by aircraft flying approximately 300 feet above the ground surface. The affected areas to be sprayed are the remainder of Zone 1 and Zone 2. There will be no repeated spraying as areas are only sprayed once.

Environmentally sensitive areas of the county have been excluded and spraying will not occur during times of increased recreational activities.  The small amount of insecticide sprayed over an area does not pose a health risk to people or pets (CDC).  If people prefer to stay inside and close windows and doors when spraying takes place they can, but it is not necessary.

Planned routes and the schedule are available on and

Residents are encouraged to monitor and for updates and to contact Johnston County Environmental Health at 919-989-5180 with questions.

Map of mosquito spraying zone