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Atkinson Milling Receiving Industry Appreciation Award

Smithfield NC – On Monday, the Johnston County Commissioners and the Johnston County Economic Development Advisory Board recognized Atkinson Milling of Selma for their commitment to Johnston County and community support by honoring the company with the County’s “Industry Appreciation” award. This award is presented quarterly to Johnston County Industries.

“Existing Industries and Businesses are extremely important to the economic strength of Johnston County”, stated Tony Braswell, Chairman of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners. “I don’t know of many companies that can claim they have been in existence before this great nation was founded. Today we are honored to recognize Atkinson Milling for not only their commitment in providing an excellent product, but their long history of providing jobs to the citizens of Johnston County for over 258 years”.

One of the oldest, if not the oldest company’s in Johnston County was started in 1757 by Mr. John Richardson. Ownership of mill was passed through the family over several generations. The legacy of Atkinson Milling continued even after the mill was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1950.

The present mill building was erected by Atkinson Milling Company in 1951. Stock in the Atkinson Milling Company transferred to Ray and Betty Wheeler, the present operators, in June 1971.

“I don’t believe there has been a gift basket given in Johnston County that didn’t have a bag of corn mill from Atkinson’s in it,” expressed Cheryl Oliver, Mayor of the Town of Selma and member of the Johnston County Economic Development Advisory Board. “Atkinson Milling steadfast support of Johnston County and the Selma area exemplifies what it means to be a great corporate citizen.”

For centuries, Atkinson’s number one product has been “water ground style” corn meal. Over the years they've added a number of traditionally-seasoned breaders and coatings for chicken, seafood and pork, as well as pancake, grits and specialty mixes.

Grist Milling is a method of grinding grain into bread by having the grain sheared between two stones. This method has been used as far back as time began.

In Biblical days, people would put wheat or barley on a stone and rub it with another stone to grind it. That is the very same thing they do today at Atkinson Milling Company with corn meal. The only difference today is that they do it with larger stones, with more power on the stones, for more production per hour. However, a lot of the grinding is still done with water power.

For further information about Atkinson Milling, visit www.atkinsonmilling.com or follow them via facebook at Atkinson Milling.



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