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Johnston County Environmental Health is an Accredited Health Department

Environmental Health Fee Schedule

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Fees for services provided by the Johnston County Environmental Health department are shown below.

Fees are subject to change on July 1st of every year.  

Septic Systems

Service Fee
New Septic Tank Permit $250
Septic Tank Reinspection $25
Septic Tank Replacement/Upgrade/Revision $75
Operation Permits/Pump Fee $50
Type III-D Inspection Fee $50.00
Large System Design $250.00 for the first 480 gallons and 15 cents per gallon for every additional gallon of waste
Relocation of Septic System (mobile home, house or business) $30



Service Fee
Well Permit $150 (effective July 1, 2008. This fee includes state-mandated samples. Additional samples will be the current price of $50.00 per sample.)
Well Reinspection $25


Water Samples

Sample Type Applicant Collects Office Collects
Total Coliform $35 $50
Metals Panel $67 $82
Individual Metals Panel $52 $67
Full Inorganic Panel $89 $104
Anions (Fluorine, Chlorine, Sulfur) $37 $52
Fecal Coliform n/a $50
Fecal/Strep n/a $72
Enterococcus n/a $53
Iron Bacteria n/a $55
Sulfur/Sulfate Reducing Bacteria n/a $62
Pseudomonas n/a $53
Heterotrophic Count n/a $47
Disinfection Byproducts n/a $62
Coliform/Fluoride by Doctor's Request n/a No Charge
Nitrate n/a $48
Arsenic Speciation n/a $52
Pesticides n/a $80
Herbicides n/a $80
Petroleum n/a $76
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) n/a $77


Subdivision Evaluations

Service Fee
Per Lot $50
Recombination $50


Public Swimming Pools

Service Fee
Swimming Pool Permit $100
Wading Pool Permit $50
Spa Permit $50
Reinspection Fee $25


Plan Reviews

Service Fee
Restaurant (1-50 seats) $100
Restaurant (50-100 seats) $150
Restaurant (100+ seats) $200
Food Stands, Meat Markets, Catering Operations, etc. $50.00 for every 250 square feet, not to exceed $200
Mobile Food Units and Push Carts $50.00


Permit Fees

Service Fee
Temporary Food Stand Permit $75 per event (State-mandated requirement, effective July 1, 2008)
Limited Food Service Establishment Permits $75 (effective August 1, 2013)
Tattoo Permits $250