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Johnston County Environmental Health is an Accredited Health Department

Environmental Health Contact Information

Main Office:
309 East Market Street
Smithfield, NC 27577
Main Phone Number:  (919) 989-5180
Fax Number:  (919) 989-5190
E-Mail:  envhealth@johnstonnc.com

Environmental Health Staff Directory

Contact Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
Todd Ramsey, REHS Director (919) 989-5192 todd.ramsey@johnstonnc.com
vacant Environmental Health Supervisor
John Phillips, REHS Environmental Health Program Specialist (919) 989-5194 john.phillips@johnstonnc.com
Bobby Mills, REHS Environmental Health Program Specialist (919) 989-5189 bobby.mills@johnstonnc.com
Michael Southwick, REHS Environmental Health Program Specialist (919) 989-5181 michael.southwick@johnstonnc.com
Frank Feldenzer, REHS Soil Scientist I (919) 989-5185 frank.feldenzer@johnstonnc.com
Aric Ashby, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5193 aric.ashby@johnstonnc.com
Eric Bass, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5182 eric.bass@johnstonnc.com
Ashley Blake, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5186 ashley.blake@johnstonnc.com
Will Faber, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5621 will.faber@johnstonnc.com
David Fulcher, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5191 david.fulcher@johnstonnc.com
Dana Person, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5184 dana.person@johnstonnc.com
Danny Huffman, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (919) 989-5187 danny.huffman@johnstonnc.com
Tammy Young Office Assistant IV (919) 989-5180 tammy.young@johnstonnc.com
Cynthia Thompson-Foster Processing Assistant III (919) 989-5180 cynthia.foster@johnstonnc.com
Kim Fry Processing Assistant III (919) 989-5180 kim.fry@johnstonnc.com
Matt Gilley Environmental Health Specialist Intern (919) 989-5180 matt.gilley@johnstonnc.com