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Allow 1 PIC in FSE with 2 or more separately permitted departments
The Symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea or jaundice serve as an indication that an individual may be infected with a fecal-oral route pathogen and is likely to be excreting high levels of the infectious agent.
Sore throat with fever serves as an indication of “Strep Throat” which can spread from contaminated hands to food
Lesions containing pus represent a direct threat for introducing Staphylococcus aureus into food
Eating and Drinking – no changes
All food purchased from approved sources
Received at proper temperatures
Safe, unadulterated
If integrity of food packaging has been compromised or
True appearance, color or quality has been intentionally altered
Frozen and stored at -4°F for 7 days, -31°F for 15 hours or frozen at -31°F and stored at -4°F for 24 hours
Yellowfin tuna; Bluefin tuna, Southern; Bigeye tuna; Bluefin tuna, Northern
Raw meats shall be separated based on a succession of cooking temperatures
Storing food in packages, covered containers or wrappings
Equipment and Utensils clean and sanitized as required – temperature, pH, Concentration & Hardness
Mechanical Warewashing equipment operated as required – temperatures, pressure
Raw meats cooked in the microwave must be
Be rotated or stirred throughout  or midway during cooking
Covered to retain surface moisture
Heated to 165°F in all parts of the food
Allowed to stand covered for 2 minutes after cooking to obtain temperature equilibrium
Does not meet new requirements
This meets the requirements.
Approved Cooling Methods falls under this as well.
1.Whole, raw fruits or vegetables; cut, raw vegetables such as celery or carrot sticks or cut potatoes; and tofu may be immersed in ice or water
2.Raw poultry and raw fish that are received immersed in ice in shipping containers may remain in that condition while in storage awaiting preparation, display or sale
Leaking water lines includes automatic fire sprinkler heads or where water has condensed.
All open food and utensils provided with overhead protection or otherwise equipped with individual covers such as domes, chafing lids or cookers with hinged lids