MapClick Mobile - A Mobile Application for Your Smartphone

We are very excited to introduce our new mobile application called MapClick Mobile. This application is web-based and compatible with all smartphones. Please view our video tutorial and try our new application.

***We have a brand new version of MapClick Mobile*** We will be running both the new and old versions simultaneously for the next few weeks to allow you to copy notes that you might have saved in the old version to the new. Click Here to get the latest MapClick Mobile version.

Click Here to view the original version of Mapclick Mobile application.

You can view a video training of MapClick Mobile by clicking the link MapClick Mobile Video Training

If you experience trouble you might need to adjust your phone settings

Attention iPhone Users with the 14.6 update:

If you have received the 14.6 update on your iPhone you will need to download either Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser to run this mobile application as Chrome and Safari are currently experiencing technical issues with the 14.6 update.

iPhone settings to enable MapClick Mobile

Android settings to enable Mapclick Mobile

Contact us at 919-989-5153 if you have any questions or comments.

Page last updated:  February 12, 2024