Mapsheet Downloads

This page can be used to locate and download 2010 and 2013 color aerial photography in Johnston County. Due to the large size of the original half-foot pixel photography and the corresponding space and speed constraints, it was not practical to post these on the web. Therefore, the data was compressed to a 40:1 Mr. Sid format on a resampled one-foot pixel resolution.

If you require the images to be in a different format, you can download the appropriate Lizardtech conversion program below. These programs can convert the Mr. Sid image to .jpg or .tif.

Download Lizardtech Mr Sid GeoDecode for Linux
Download Lizardtech Mr Sid GeoDecode for Windows

If you require a large number of images, or need this data in the original .tif half-foot resolution we can upload this data to a external hard drive that you provide.

Click on a section below to view the downloadable files for those areas: