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William R. Keen Papers

Collection Date(s):   1912  to 1929

Call Number(s):  PC 4

Physical Description:  1/2 cubic foot of business and legal records.


Biographical Sketch:  William R. Keen (1882-1931) was a merchant in Four Oaks from around 1910 until his death. He was also mayor of the town for a number of years in the early 20th century. He was an active member of the Four Oaks Methodist Church and the Four Oaks Masonic Lodge. A native of Ingrams Township, he was the son of John W. and Lou Tiner Keen and was married to Helen Pierce.

Collection Description:  These papers, including chattel mortgages, real estate mortgages, crop liens, and other records of debts owed to the Keen business, apparently were turned over to Congressman Edward W. Pou, an attorney in Smithfield, when William R. Keen's estate was being settled in the early 1930s. Illiterate farmers signed many of the documents with an "x" mark.

Container Contents:
PC 4 Records Liens, mortgages, and notes , 1912  to 1920
PC 4 Records Liens, mortgages, and notes , 1921  to 1923
PC 4 Records Liens, mortgages, and notes , 1924  to 1925
PC 4 Records Liens, mortgages, and notes , 1926  to 1927
PC 4 Records Liens, mortgages, and notes , 1928  to 1929
PC 4 Records Accounts Receivable , 1919  to 1924


Adams, Julia [F]   
Adams, Mrs. D. W.   
Adams, Needham (x)   
Adams, W.B. (x)   
Alderman, William (x)   
Allen, Helon   
Allen, W.G.   
Altman, Luther   
Anderson, Henry (x)   
Baker, J.V. (x)   
Baker, Willis A.   
Beasley, J.G.   
Carroll, J[ames] M.   
Coats, Julia   
Coats, Preston   
Cox, Frank   
Dunn, N.N. (x)   
Dunn, [Thina?]   
Gum, Joe M. (x)   
Hudson, J.L.   
Johnson, Calbert   
Johnson, Ira B.   
Johnson, R.A.   
Keen, J.R.   
Lee, Ch C.   
Lee, Dalton   
Lee, Nancy E. (x)   
Lee, R.D.   
Lee, Sudie F. (x)   
Lucas, Mary (x)   
Massengill, Bady (x)   
Massengill, R.E.   
Massengill, W.B.   
Moore, J[oe] R.   
Nixon, I[sham] G.   
Perry, H.E.   
Rodgers, Ed   
Strickland, Julius L.   
Wallace, C.C. (x)   
Wallace, M. C. (x)   
Webb, J.A. (x)   
Wellons, C.H.   
Williford, Callie   
Williford, W.B.   


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Indebtedness - Johnston County - Indebtedness - -

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