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    Registered Voters as of: 11/21/2018  Republican: 49,092  Democrat: 39,052  Libertarian: 745  Green: 9  Constitution: 23  Una: 39,757  Total: 128,677
County Director of Elections:  Leigh Anne Price




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Sample Ballots for November 6, 2018 General Election Listed by Precinct

Locate your voting precinct below, then click to open and review the ballot or ballots listed that will be used in November.

PR04 Bentonville

PR07 North Boon Hill

PR08 South Boon Hill

PR09 East Clayton

PR10A North Clayton 1

PR10B North Clayton 2

PR11A West Clayton 1

PR11B West Clayton 2

PR12A North Cleveland 1

PR12B North Cleveland 2

PR13 North Elevation

PR14 South Elevation

PR19 Micro

PR20 North O'Neals

PR21 South O'Neals

PR22 Pine Level

PR23A North Pleasant Grove 1

PR23B North Pleasant Grove 2

PR24 East Selma

PR25 West Selma

PR26 East Smithfield

PR27A North Smithfield 1

PR27B North Smithfield 2

PR28 South Smithfield

PR29A Archer Lodge

PR29B Flowers Plantation

PR30 Wilson's Mills

PR31A Southeast Cleveland

PR31B Southwest Cleveland

PR32 North Wilders

PR33 South Pleasant Grove

PR34 South Clayton

PR35 Banner

PR36 Beulah

PR37 Ingrams

PR38 Meadow