Welcome to the Johnston County North Carolina Board of Elections Website
    Registered Voters as of: 01/11/2021  Republican: 54,642  Democrat: 39,229  Libertarian: 1,036  Green: 66  Constitution: 153  Una: 45,377  Total: 140,502
County Director of Elections:  Leigh Anne Price




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Welcome to the official website of the Johnston County, North Carolina Board of Elections.

It is the mission of the Johnston County Board of Elections to ensure that elections are free, fair, accurate, convenient and accessible to all voters in Johnston County.

As of 01/11/2021, Johnston County had 140,502 total registered voters, 54,642 Republican, 39,229 Democrat, 1,036 Libertarian, 66 Green, 153 Constitution, and 45,377 unaffiliated.

The right to vote is one of the most fundamental liberties we enjoy as Americans, and it is also one of our greatest civic responsibilities. Make freedom count. Please register and vote!

We hope you find this site informative and easy to navigate. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.