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In-Home Care of Elderly and Disabled Adults



Johnston County Social Services provides services for the in-home care of elderly and disabled adults through the In-Home Aide Program and the Community Alternative Program For Adults (CAP-DA).

The need for an In-Home aide is determined by an assessment based on the services needed and the individual's eligibility for the service. If the needs of an individual can be met, he/she is assigned an aide and a service plan is developed in conjunction with the aide, the individual receiving the services, and the assigned Social Services case manager. The following criteria applies to the In-Home Aide Program:

  • The individual to receive services must be over sixty(60) years old or disabled.


  • The average schedule of care would be two(2) times per week for two(2) hours. This may vary depending on the amount of care needed.


  • There are no income limitations for this service.


  • There is no charge for this service. The program is operated on a cost sharing basis. That is, we ask for a donation based on the amount of time the aide is in the home and the client's income, but the service is not based on this. Donations are optional.


  • The aides are not required to be certified nursing assistants but they have extensive training.


  • The aides are supervised by the Affinity Health Services.  

In-Home Aides may provide the following:

  • Assistance with basic home maintenance skills such as; housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation.


  • Assistance with shopping, errands, and basic budgeting if needed.


  • Assistance with light personal care. Can assist with washing feet, back, or hair care, but cannot assist with full bathing.

To obtain additional information and/or apply for this service, please contact Johnston County Social Services at 919 989-5300. Ask for the Adult Services In-Home Aide Case Manager.



The Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP-DA) provides services in the home to prevent nursing home placement. CAP-DA is a special Medicaid community care program. The same eligibility criteria as Medicaid applies as well as the requirement that the adult meet the skilled/intermediate level of care needs and be able to be safely cared for at home. Services include case management, nursing care, personal care services, mobility aids and respite care. CAP-DA clients can also receive Adult Day Health Care, Home Delivered Meals, and Telephone Alert Services.


To obtain additional information and/or apply for this service, please contact Johnston County Social Services at 919 989-5300. Ask for the CAP/DA Case Manager(s).

Special Assistance In/Home (SA/IH)

The Special Assistance In-Home Program provides a small supplement to help clients who are disabled and at risk of entering an adult care home remain in the home environment.  Individuals must be safe and able to be maintained in the home with additional support and income to meet their monthly needs. 

Individuals in a private living arrangement must be eligible for Medicaid in order to receive SA/IH assistance.  Case Managers at the Johnston County Dept. of Social Services conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine if one is appropriate for this program.  A service plan is also developed with the family to specify how the SA/IH assistance can be utilized.  Payments are monitored to ensure that the client is using the money for the intended purpose. 

To obtain additional information about the SA/IH Program, please contact a case manager at the Johnston County Dept. of Social Services at (919) 989-5300.