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Information for Landlords


Johnston County HAPP and its staff are committed to providing the highest quality customer service possible.  We will make every effort to keep you informed and updated on all of the latest changes to the program rules and how those changes may affect you.  We will also assist by providing information in a timely manner via newsletter, landlord briefings or any other method Johnston County HAPP deems appropriate to help keep you informed.  


The Johnston County Housing Choice Voucher Program provides monthly rental assistance to landlords on behalf of Housing Choice Voucher income eligible families.  These rental assistance payments cover a portion or in some cases their entire monthly contract rent.  The family’s share of the rent is based upon 30 % of their monthly adjusted income and other program requirements, including the $50.00 minimum rent requirement.  For an initial lease; a family’s rental share of the contract rent cannon exceed 40% of the household monthly-adjusted income. 


Families can use their HCV to rent anywhere in the County, Families are also free to choose any eligible housing type that meets the requirements of the program.  However properties must meet certain Rent Reasonableness and Housing Quality Standards (HQS) requirements before being eligible for the program.  A Johnston County HAPP inspector conducts the HQS inspection in accordance with both HUD (Department of Housing And Urban Development) and local housing standards.  Rental assistance payments begin after the unit passes the inspection and all necessary documents have been signed and properly executed by all parties. All subsidy payments are made on the third business day of each month using direct deposit. 


Johnston County HAPP encourages housing providers of decent, safe, and sanitary housing to list their units with Johnston County HAPP and lease the units to Housing Choice Voucher Eligible Families.  JCHAPP maintains a listing in the lobby of interested housing providers’ available units.

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Private housing providers who desire to become an eligible landlord of the Housing Choice Voucher Program must provide the following information:

  • Social security card or verify Tax id #
  • Copy of the executed recorded warranty deed or quit claim deed (proof of ownership)
  • Proof of home address (must be different from property listed).   
  • Management agreement (if applicable)
  • Submit required banking information as needed for direct deposit. 

ALL of the above requested items are needed as Johnston County HAPP strives to reduce program fraud and promote program integrity. 


Contract Rent is the rent charged by the owner.  Gross rent is the rent charged by the owner plus an allowance for any tenant paid utilities.  Owners may not charge extra for items normally included in the rent, or provided at not cost to unassisted tenant in the premises. 

If there are additional amenities such as cable, parking or furniture a landlord can charge extra for these amenities; however, they cannot be conditional in order for the family to rent the unit. 

Owners and families are not permitted to enter into side payments for amenities that are included in the lease or hap contract.  

Johnston County HAPP determines the amount of rental assistance it will provide to an owner on behalf of the Housing Choice Voucher family.  JCHAPP can not determine the rental assistance amount received by the family until the family selects a unit and the gross rent and utility allowance for the unit is known.


The Lease is a legally binding contract between the landlord and tenant. The lease explains the legal rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant.  The lease allows the tenant the right to occupy and use, for a specific period of time, land and permanently affixed structures on that land.  In return, the tenant pays a specified rent amount. 

The lease may set forth other duties and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.  Once the parties sign the lease both are bound by the term sofa it.  Landlords should be familiar with fair housing laws when drafting a lease.  The owner’s lease must be the same one used by other tenants who are unassisted.

The lease between the owner and the Housing Choice Voucher assisted family must be approved the Johnston County HAPP before it can be signed an executed.   The owner’s lease must include the HUD required tenancy addendum.  The tenancy addendum is provided by the JCHAPP. 

The lease must contain (according to HUD)

  • Name of owner (landlord), landlord’s agent, or company or person authorized to manage the property on the owner’s behalf.
  • Name of Tenant
  • Address of the unit being rented
  • Initial term of the lease and any terms of rental renewal provision
  • Amount of contract rent to the owner and the date that it is due, including any grace periods, late charges or special fees, such as returned check fee charges. 
  • What utilities and appliances furnished by the landlord and/or the tenant is responsible for paying. 
  • Amount of security deposit and the account where it is held. 
  • Any provisions required by state law. 


The owner or agent may collect a security deposit from the tenant.  The Johnston County HAPP does not help participants with payments of their security deposits.  The security deposit amount collected must be in compliance with state and local laws.  Owners are prohibited from charging Housing Choice Voucher families more for a security deposit that their unassisted families. 


The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts G.S. 42-46; a landlord may charge a late fee not to exceed the fifteen dollars ($15.00) or five percent (5%) of the rent.  If the rent is subsidized byte US Department of Housing and Urban Development, by the US Department of Agriculture, by a State Agency, by a public housing authority, or by a local government, any late fee shall be calculated on the tenant’s share of the contract rent only, and the rent subsidy shall not be included. 


  • Performing all management and rental functions for the assisted unit, including selecting a voucher holder to lease the unit and deciding if the family is suitable for tenancy. 
  • Maintaining the unit in accordance with HQS (Housing Quality Standards), including performing ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. 
  • Complying with equal opportunity requirements. 
  • Preparing and furnishing to the PHA information required by the HA. 
  • Collecting from the family any security deposit, the family rent to owner, and any charges for unit damage by the family.
  • Enforcing the tenant obligations under the lease
  • Paying for utilities and services, unless paid for by the family under the lease. 


Landlords renting to Section 8 participants are responsible for screening of their own tenants.  Landlords are encouraged to screen prospective Housing Choice Voucher participants in such areas as prior rental history, payments of utilities, eviction history, respecting rights of other residents, damage to units, credit history, references and criminal background history. 

In accordance with HUD requirements, Johnston County HAPP will furnish a prospecting landlord/owner who request in writing the family’s current and previous address as shown in Johnston County HAPP’s records, if know to Johnston County HAPP.  Johnston County HAPP will make an exception to this requirement if the family’s whereabouts must be protected due to domestic abuse or witness protection.   

PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION. In accordance with applicable equal opportunity statutes, Executive Orders, and regulations: 

The owner must not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age familial status, or disability in connection with the HAP Contract 

The owner must cooperate with the PHA and HUD in conducting equal opportunity compliance reviews and complaint investigations in connection with the HAP contract.