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List of Available Services

Services offered through the mental health center




            Medication Management:


Medication management is a service offered to established consumers. This service consists of meeting with one of the many qualified psychiatrists on staff in order to be evaluated for medication needs and follow-up with medication maintenance. Psychiatrists at the JCMHC provide services to children, adolescents, and adults regardless of the source of payment.





            Case Management services:


This service is provided to answer any questions or concerns the consumer may have regarding medications or appointments. Case managers also act as a liaison between the consumer and local resources. All established consumers are assigned a case manager during the intake process. If you are an existing client and have a question but are not sure who your assigned case manger is please contact the front desk and they will assist you.





Individual/Group Therapy


Individual therapy provides one on one counseling for children, adolescents, and adults. This service is not offered at the Center; however more information is available on how to access this service if you contact your case manager or a member of the Access team.  JCMHC does provide a variety of groups including: anger management, depression and DBT. These services are available only to consumers who fall in the indigent population. If you have Medicaid or private insurance please contact your case manager or a member of the Access team for an appropriate referral to a private provider.




The Lakeside Greenhouse program:


This program offers vocational training and is available to established JCMHC consumers through both Johnston Community College and JCMHC. The Lakeside Greenhouse program offers services which allow the client to expand job skills to the areas of nursery production, landscaping, ground maintenance, and working in a greenhouse. The Lakeside Greenhouse program enables consumers to earn a salary while establishing successful work patterns that could be related to any employment field.  





            Emergency Services:


In the event of a crisis or emergency, services are available around the clock.   For assistance during a crisis situation you may contact a member of the Access team. To speak with an Access team member you can call (919) 989-5500 or 1-888-815-8934. You can also meet with an Access team member face to face by walking into the mental health center, Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. If you are an established consumer with the mental health center and are in crisis you can call (using the phone numbers given) or walk in (during the times given) and ask to speak with your assigned case manager. For after hour services you can also call (919) 989-5500 or go Johnston Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Dept to be screened by a mental health professional.





Developmental Disabilities:


Developmental therapy is a state funded program which includes individually designed programs based on the consumer’s unique strengths and needs. This service aims to help individuals develop skills that were not developed during the developmental stages of life, and would not likely develop without additional support and training.





CAP-MR/DD is a Medicaid community care funding source (meaning both federal and state dollars) for consumers with both mental retardation and developmental disabilities.  It offers services in the community for individuals of all ages who require ICF-MR (intermediate care facility-mental retardation) level of care and provides a cost-effective alternative to care in an ICF-MR facility.    The goal of this service is to allow consumers with significant needs related to developmental disabilities to be served in the community rather than to reside in an institutional setting. 





At this time there is a wait list for both services. To add your name to the wait list or get more information, contact the Developmental Disabilities Services Manager at (919) 989-5500.





Growing Together is Johnston County Mental Health Center’s early intervention preschool program which serves children at risk of developmental delays. For more information regarding the Growing Together program please contact the Director at telephone number (919) 965-5087.





Patient Assistance Program:



The patient assistant program, also known as PAP, is a program available through the pharmaceutical companies that offers certain medications at a reduced cost or for free. This program is offered to consumers who are in need of assistance with paying for medication. There are eligibility requirements set by the individual pharmaceutical companies. This service is only available to established consumers who do not have insurance. The financial requirements vary depending on the pharmaceutical company. If you have any questions regarding this service please contact your assigned case manager or the PAP Coordinator.






  Substance Abuse Treatment:


Although JCMHC does not offer substance abuse services on-site, we do offer financial assistance for substance abuse treatment for those individuals who fall into the indigent population.





If you are interested in substance abuse treatment and are not sure if you fall in the indigent population please contact the Access team at 919-989-5500. If you are insured and are seeking services you can call the substance abuse treatment provider of your choice directly. Listed below are treatment providers in the Johnston County Area.





Johnston Counseling Services (919-934-0921): This agency accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and self-pay clients.





Day By Day (919-965-6550) is a substance abuse treatment program that offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Residential Services to both men and women. If you have private insurance or Medicaid you can call and set up an appointment directly. Without insurance you must first contact JCMHC or you can pay out of pocket Day By Day directly.



C-BLAC also offers intensive substance abuse treatment.   For further information please contact them at 919-989-1786.





If you are looking for treatment services for adolescents: JCMHC sponsors and provides funding for a substance abuse prevention program for adolescents and their family. The Turn-Around-Program (TAP) is now offered through Re-Entry. If you would like more information regarding this service please contact Dot Ehlers at 919-989-7278.



There are many substance abuse treatment facilities located across North Carolina. For an extensive list of these services you can visit the SAMHSA website (





Services outside of Johnston County include, but are not limited to:





Detox Programs:



Wilmington Treatment Center (Wilmington): 1-800-992-3671



Coastal Plains Hospital (Rocky Mount): 1-800-234-0234



  PORT Human Services (located across Eastern North Carolina):


(252) 413-1950





Intensive Outpatient Programs:



Southlight, Inc. (Raleigh): (919) 832-4453



Triumph (Raleigh): (919) 633-3339 or (919) 605-4905



First Step (Raleigh): (919) 833-8899





Outpatient Programs:



Arbor Counseling & Substance Abuse Services (Raleigh): (919) 788-8002



Therapeutic Strategies (Raleigh):  Contact Holly Snyder at (919) 320-4981 or (919) 333-8460





Methadone Programs:



Raleigh Methadone Treatment Center (Raleigh): (919) 781-5507



Southlight Wakeview Methadone Clinic (Raleigh): (919) 832-7351




PORT Human Services (Greenville,NC): (252) 353-5346



Advanced Treatment Systems (Fayetteville, NC): (910) 864-8739 or  toll free at 1-800-810-8423









If you have questions about certain medications or mental health diagnosis you may find helpful information at websites such as or Also you can contact a member of the Access Team at 989-5500 who will able to assist you.





Half-way houses/Homeless Shelters:



  1. Smithfield Rescue Mission: (919) 934-9257
  2. Beacon Rescue Mission: Dunn, NC (910) 892-5772
  3. HARBOR (Domestic Violence Shelter): (919) 934-0233 or (919) 938-3566
  4. Catholic Workers House (Women Only): Garner, NC (919) 779-1912
  5. Raleigh Rescue Mission: Raleigh, NC (919) 828-6733
  6. Salvation Army (Women Only): Raleigh, NC (919) 834-6733
  7. YMCA: Raleigh, NC (919) 832-6601
  8. YWCA: Raleigh, NC (919) 828-3205
  9. ARC Shelter (Women Only): Raleigh, NC (919) 833-1748
  10. Interfaith Hospitality Network: Raleigh, NC (919) 832-6024
  11. Good Neighbor House (Women Only): (919) 934-3639
  12. South Wilmington St. Center: (919) 831-6113
  13. Silk House: Pittsboro, NC (919) 663-4334
  14. The Oxford House provides many halfway houses across NC. They have a website available to consumers at: .
  15. The Serenity House (a recovery house for men only): For further information contact Family Life Center: Dennis Holmes, Program Director, (919) 989-9441 or Walter Faulk, Project Coordinator, (919) 464-1412.
  16. The Harvest House is a bilingual residential substance abuse program for adult males. Services offered through The Harvest House include: group therapy, DWI services, individual counseling, comprehensive services, and referrals and consultations. The Harvest House accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and self-pay (on a sliding scale). For more information please contact at (910) 567-5020 or 1-800-567-5021.



Services in Johnston County



  • Local AA/NA meetings: you can call the Access Team or walk in to the Johnston county mental health center to get a listing of the local AA/NA meetings in the area. Or check the web for NA meetings at and look for AA meetings at


  • DWI Services: Johnston Counseling Services offers DWI assessments and treatment. They provide a variety of services from ADETS to long-term treatment. If you have any questions about DWI services you can call Johnston Counseling services at (919) 938-0921

  • The Mental Health Association of Johnston County offers a Friends2Friends support group. For additional information about this support group call: (919) 934-0311.


  • National Alliance for Mental Illness also known as NAMI offers a variety of supports groups as well as education on mental illness. These groups are located in Clayton and in Smithfield. For additional information about these groups call: (919) 553-1377. NAMI also has a website: this website offers support and information regarding mental illness, medication, and much more.


  • Possibilities Unlimited is a peer support center that offers a variety of support groups for adults with mental health or substance abuse issues. They are open from 3pm to 9pm. And they offer a confidential telephone support service (Heart 2 Heart Warm Line) the local number is (919)938-4344 or you can contact them toll free at 1-888-798-WARM (9276)


  • Stellar Peer Recovery Center and Feed His Sheep Ministries are located in Clayton. They offer a variety of recreational activities and support services for consumers with mental health and substance abuse needs. For further information about these services contact Dorothy O’Neal at (919) 359-9276


  • Harbor House provides shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They have groups and counseling available for victims as well.  For additional information call (919) 934-0233 or (919) 938-3566.


  • Housing Assistance Payment Program (HAPP) provides assistance with low income housing. Telephone number: (919) 989-5070.


  • Johnston Council on Aging offers supports program for senior citizens.   For more information please contact Johnston Council on Aging at (919) 934-6066.


  • The Brian Center offers an Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Caregiver Support Group. Call (919) 553-8232 for more information.

  • Johnston Memorial Hospital offers bereavement and grief support groups.  Call (919)934-1560 or (919) 938-7560 for more information.

  • Legal Aid of North Carolina has an office in Smithfield. They provide legal services for low-income residents. Call for eligibility (919) 934-5027.


  • House of Hope offers support services on an as needed basis. These groups include but are not limited to Depression groups, Anxiety group and grief groups. Call (919) 550-8181 for more information.


  • The SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) website works a resource tool for information regarding mental health, substance abuse services, or developmental disabilities. It provides information, educational activities, and resources that can be accessed for free over the internet.


  • Creative Healing Support Group offers support to women who have been sexually abused as children. This group uses art to help in the healing process for more information about this group please call (919) 365-9324.


  • Many of the local churches and organizations offer a wide range of services such as assistance with food, clothing, and counseling. Some churches offer financial assistance with medication cost, rent, and utilities. It is recommended that you call your local church find out what is available. (Not all churches may offer assistance)

Other important numbers:


Johnston Co. Health Dept: 919-989-5200


DSS/Medicaid services: 919-989-5300


Red Cross: 919-934-8481


Habitat for Humanity: (Smithfield location) 919-934-9331 (Clayton location) 919-550-1879


JCATS: 919-202-5030


Vocational Rehabilitation: 919-934-0525