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Health Choice

Health Choice - An insurance program implemented October 1, 1998. The program covers children birth through 18.

     This program is based on 200% of the poverty level income. There is a $50.00 fee for one child and $100.00 for 2 or more children. If the family has 150% of the poverty level income or less, they do not have to pay a fee. Even though this program is through the Department of Social Services, Blue Cross/Blue Shield provides the cared to the recipients and an information booklet which contains information on available services. It covers the same things that State Employees Health Insurance does and more. Medical providers who are signed up to take Blue Cross Insurance accept this card just like any other Blue Cross card and receive reimbursement the same way. The estimate of children needing this coverage in Johnston County is 1,007 with a additional 951 children who are in the county who are eligible for Medicaid and do not receive it. Our Department, along with the Health Department has the responsibility for outreach to get these children enrolled as quickly as possible.

There is one requirement that the children not be covered under any other health insurance for at least 6 months from October through March 1999. Starting with April, 1999, the children need only to have been without insurance for two months. These requirements were written into the law to get the most needy children on the program first.