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Day Care



What Are My Choices?

If you are eligible for day care services this means the choice is yours, as long as your provider is willing to participate in this program and follow program guidelines. Your child could
receive care in any of the following:
  • a day care center,
  • a day care home,
  • the home of a friend, or
  • a family member

How Does It Work?

Once you make the provider decision, the day care specialist will assist provider in meeting the requirements to become enrolled in the subsidy program. You will be given a form, the child care voucher, to complete with the provider of your choice. Please call a daycare specialist at (919) 989-5300 to make an appointment.

Who Can Help Me Decide?

Your county day care specialist can friends, relatives and co-workers or visit several day care providers before making your choice. YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE DECISION about who will take care of your children.

What If I Have Questions?

Your day care specialist can answer your questions and those of your provider, or put you in touch with someone who can if you call (919) 989-5300.

Maximum Income Eligibility Limits for
Child Day Care Services