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Protective Services for Disabled Adults

The law requires anyone having reasonable cause to believe that a disabled adult is in need of protective services to report such information to Social Services. Protective services is applicable when the following allegations are made:

  1. The person is a disabled adult.
  2. The person is abused, neglected or exploited.
  3. The person is in need of protection.

Johnston County Social Services provides services, as required by North Carolina General Statutes, to perform certain activities for disabled adults when the above allegations have been made.

Evaluations can be conducted without the adult's consent; however, if services are needed, these cannot be provided without the consent of the adult or a Court Order.

Adult Protective Services often involves other agencies/facilities in arranging services in order to protect the adult. The services can also be provided for out-of-county residents if they are in a Adult Care facility in Johnston County.

To obtain additional information or report adult abuse, please contact Johnston County Social Services at (919) 989-5300. Ask for the Adult Protective Services Case Manager, the Adult Services Supervisor, or the Adult Services Intake Worker