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Adult Medicaid
Medicaid for adults pays for medical expenses for six (6) prescriptions per month, doctors, hospitals, dental and Medicare premiums. In order to qualify for adult Medicaid, one must be disabled or over age 65. There are several components in adult Medicaid:
  • MAA B Medicaid for age 64 and over
  • MAD B Medicaid for disabled individuals under 65
  • MAB B Medicaid for the Blind

The above three components have a reserve limit of $2,000. For one person and income at 100% of poverty level effective January 1999 and a deductible is not allowed with this income level.


These same three components have a deductible income limit. If they do not meet the income guidelines for the component above they can choose this component. The income level for this component is very low. (for example, one person's income level is $242.00 per month.) Any income they have over this becomes their deductible, which they must pay towards their medical bills. If they have $342.00 per month then their deductible is $100.00 and must be figured for 6 months; therefore a 6 month deductible would be $600.00. If they were in the hospital and had a bill for $1,000, they must pay $600.00 and Medicaid would pay the balance of $400.00. Reserve limit is $2000.

Nursing home payments are made based on the same income and reserve for this component and the recipient must pay all of their gross countable income to the home less $30.00 personal allowance. Medicaid will pay the difference in recipient's income and cost of care.

MQB B Medicaid for Qualified beneficiary pays all Medicare deductibles. (Doctor, Hospital, Medicare Premium) the client receives a beige card each month but this card does not pay for prescriptions. The income level is 100% of poverty level and has a reserve of 1 person $4000 and 2 person $6000.

MQB-B - This group does not receive a Medicaid card but Medicaid does pay for the Medicare premium each month, which is $43.80. The income scale for this program is $671.01 - $805.00 for one person.

SAA and SAD - Special Assistance for aged and disabled. This is a state-mandated program that allows people to reside in an Assisted Living (Rest home) center. Their income can be no more than $987.00 per month and reserve test is $2000. These recipients must meet a monthly liability of whatever their income is from sources other than Social Services. (Funding is 50% State and 50% County.)