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Heritage Center
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Smithfield, NC 27577
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P.O. Box 2709
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Phone: 919-934-2836
Colorized Postcards

A sample of colorized postcards in the Heritage Center archives...

Johnston County Courthouse built in 1843 - demolished for replacement

Johnston County Courthouse built in 1921 - and still in service

Bank of Smithfield built in 1913, later enlarged as home of First Citizens Bank Centenary United Methodist Church, Smithfield - built in 1914
Smithfield School built in 1922 - destroyed by fire in 1976 Johnston County Hospital built in 1930 - Department of Social Services today

Main Street, Benson, c. 1910 - view looking east from railroad tracks

Original Selma Union Station - replaced by present-day structure in 1924
Typical warehouse scene on the Smithfield Tobacco Market, c. 1930 Holt Lake recreation complex as it appeared in the 1950s

Here's a link to the University of North Carolina's postcard collection.