How to Dispose of Residential Waste  

You can take your household waste to the Landfill or to one of the Drop-Off Locations (Convenience Centers).

One standard half-ton pickup truckload of household garbage is accepted at the Convenience Centers per household per week. Additional volumes can be taken to the Landfill at a per-ton disposal fee.

Citizens who use the Convenience Centers to dispose of their household garbage are required to purchase a decal annually and affix it on the vehicle's windshield.

Notice of Ordinance Violation: Any resident using the Convenience Centers to dispose of garbage without a decal is doing so in violation of the Johnston County Solid Waste Ordinance. If the decal is not affixed on the vehicle's windshield, the site attendant is required to record the license plate number and document the incident as a violation of the ordinance. Civil penalties up to $500 may be assessed for each violation. Information on the Solid Waste Ordinance and other violations may be obtained from the Johnston County Solid Waste Division at 919-938-4750.

For more information about decals, see About Landfill Decals from the Public Utilities department. You can purchase a trash decal online.


There are several recycling options for used electronics.

  • Manufacturer take-back programs are available through several of the local electronics stores and over the internet.
  • Local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores will take used electronic items that still work.
  • Johnston County Industries will take used electronic items for a fee as will several local Commercial Waste Haulers.
  • Local scrap yards will take certain items.
  • Used electronic items can be dropped off at the Landfill collection point or at any of the 12 convenience sites.

No decal is required to recycle electronics at the convenience sites. Residents from the rural areas and the towns of Archers Lodge, Benson, Clayton, Four Oaks, Kenly, Micro, Princeton, Pine Level, Selma, Smithfield, and Wilsons Mills may use the County’s sites to recycle their used electronics.

Electronics recycling is available for all Johnston County household and non-profit consumers only. Commercial Businesses with used electronics materials should call 919-938-4750 for more information.

SCAVENGING or cherry picking from used electronics materials is PROHIBITED!

For more information about disposing of used electronics:

Household (Non-Yard) Waste

Accepted at the Convenience Centers with a Solid Waste (trash) decal. You can arrange for private curbside trash pickup through one of the local providers. You can also consult the yellow pages for a list of local trash pickup providers.

Note:  Household waste is not accepted at the Convenience Centers without a Solid Waste decal. Anyone leaving waste at a Convenience Center without a decal will be issued a Solid Waste Violation as described in the Johnston County Solid Waste Ordinance. Household waste can always be taken to the Landfill (during business hours) and disposed of for a small fee.

Household Yard Waste

Yard waste is accepted at the Landfill year-round. An $8.00 flat rate per half-ton pickup truck load (volume option) is available for non-commercial customers only.

During the fall, private curbside trash haulers will pick up yard waste during a specified period of time, as will some of the towns. Contact your municipality or private curbside trash hauler for more information.


Appliances are accepted at the Convenience Centers and the Landfill at a rate of two per household per week. If you need to dispose of appliances in larger quantities, contact the Landfill.

State regulations ban some items from being disposed of in Landfills (see links below).

The Landfill will accept white goods, motor oil and other officially banned items for disposal. These items are not actually placed in the Landfill, but are recycled or otherwise disposed of properly. For more information, please contact the Landfill directly at 919-938-4750.

Paints and Chemicals

Liquid paint cannot be disposed of at the Landfill. Usable paint should be donated to Habitat for Humanity. To dispose of old paint at the Landfill, first open the can, and let the paint dry completely. Then dispose of paint container at the Landfill.

Some towns, such as Selma, will collect dried paint cans with their curbside trash collection services. See the Waste and Recycling Information by Town page for more information on what each town will collect.

Chemicals should be mixed with kitty litter or cement to create a solid and prevent any liquid from splashing. The solid can then be disposed of at the Landfill.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Small amounts of household pesticides and herbicides can be disposed of along with the regular household trash.

Pesticides and Herbicides can also be dropped off on specific dates at the Agricultural Center. Contact the Cooperative Extension department at 919-989-5380 for their disposal dates.

Commercial quantities are not accepted at the Ag Center or at the Landfill. Commercial businesses can use the RBAC Recycling Markets Directory to find a method of recycling and disposal.


The Landfill accepts asbestos for disposal at a rate of $45.00 per ton (the cost includes the $2.00 NC Solid Waste tax).

Household Hazardous Waste

Johnston County is hosting a one-day Household Hazardous Waste Collection event on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Livestock Arena (located next to the Landfill) at 520 County Home Road, Smithfield, NC 27577.

Read the Event Frequently Asked Questions

View the event flyer

For more information about disposing of Household Hazardous waste in general, please contact the Johnston County Solid Waste Compliance section at 919-938-4747.

Scrap Tires

Four or Fewer Tires

The Convenience Centers will accept four tires per household per week without a decal. The site attendant will monitor load frequency. Small vehicle tires such as car or pickup truck tires are accepted at the Convenience Centers. Large truck tires and tractor tires must be taken to the Landfill.

Tires must be clean and free of dirt and other foreign materials. Tire rims must be limited; for example, a customer having four tires may have one on the rim. The customer is responsible for stacking their own tires into the container. Tires should be placed in a way that will allow for the maximum number of tires in a container. The attendant will provide guidance if necessary.

For disposing of more than four tires at once, see the Commercial Waste section on Scrap Tire Disposal.

Motor Oil and Antifreeze

Up to five gallons per household per week of motor oil are accepted at the Convenience Centers. Larger quantities should be taken to the Landfill.

Antifreeze is accepted at the Landfill only.

Cars and Other Vehicles

Unwanted cars can be taken to one of the local salvage yards. Please consult the yellow pages to find a salvage yard near you.

Dead Animals

Animal carcasses should be taken to the Landfill.


Most furniture can be taken to the Convenience Centers. For large quantities of furniture, items should be taken to the Landfill.

Glass, Plastic or other Recyclables

Please see the section on How to Recycle for more information on recycling. No decal or fee is required to take recyclables such as glass, plastic and cardboard to the Convenience Centers.

Car Batteries

Three car batteries per household per week are accepted at the Convenience Centers. Only lead acid batteries are accepted. More than three car batteries should be taken to the Landfill. Contact the battery retailer for recycling and other disposal options.

The Landfill accepts lead acid batteries from households or commercial organizations. Batteries other than lead acid are not accepted. Commercial businesses with batteries other than lead acid may use the RBAC Recycling Market Directory to find a method of recycling or disposal.

Other Items not on this List

For disposal of items not listed on this page, please contact the Johnston County Solid Waste Division at 919-938-4750.


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