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Mission and Vision

The newly formed Solid Waste Department is responsible for the operation of the County Landfill and all Convenience Centers. Our goal is to provide County residents with safe, clean, easily accessible facilities for disposing of and recycling garbage, now and into the foreseeable future, at the lowest possible cost to the citizens.

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Rick Proctor
Phone:  919-938-4750
FAX:  919-989-7152

Physical Address:
680 County Home Road
Smithfield, NC 27577

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P.O. Box 2263
Smithfield, NC 27577

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Introduction to Waste Disposal in Johnston County

In 1989, Johnston County developed a method for residents of the county to dispose of their garbage in a manner which is safe for the environment and more functional for its users. Since then, 12 manned Convenience Centers have been constructed to provide a means of recycling and disposing of solid waste. This method has been proven to be a relief on the environment and is more economically cost effective for the county residents.

Because of the increasing population and more restrictive regulations, solid waste disposal costs will continue to increase during the next decade for everyone. A clear understanding of the county's solid waste program will help keep operating costs down and make Johnston County a clean and more beautiful place to live.

Recycling is one of many ways to reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill. As technology advances, the costs associated with recycling will decrease. This encourages industries to use these recycled materials and promotes the preservation of natural resources. Currently, recycling is voluntary and is recommended for all county residents. Bins are available at the convenience sites and at the landfill for anyone who wishes to recycle selected items.

Johnston County citizens who use the Convenience Centers to dispose of their garbage are required to purchase a decal annually and display it on their vehicle. The price of this decal covers a portion of the costs associated with operating the sites, transportation of waste, and landfill fees.

If you have any questions regarding recycling and/or waste disposal, please contact the Johnston County Solid Waste Department at 919-938-4750.

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