FAQ's For New Assumed Name Law

Questions About Assumed Business Names

1. What happens December 1st with recording Business names in Johnston County?
Due to NC House Bill 228, all Assumed Business names recorded on or after December 1st will be recorded in the county in which the person or entity will engage in business and must comply with the new form content and execution requirements.

2. What is the purpose of this change?
Each Business name will be assigned an identification number (SOSID#) which will be transmitted into a statewide central database maintained by the NC Secretary of State.

3. Will the form change and where can I get the new form?
Yes. You may get the new forms at our office or from our website. We can not give out any legal advice.  We are only a recording office. 

4. How important is the new Secretary of State ID (SOSID#) number given to each business?
The Secretary of State will assign an identification number to each assumed business name that is recorded on or after Dec. 1st to which Amendments and Withdrawals must refer. This number must be correct in order for all corresponding documents to link together in the statewide database.

5. How much does it cost to record?
$26.00 to record.

6. Does my form still have to be notarized?
The new forms no longer have to be notarized.

7. What happens to the Assumed Name that I recorded before December 1st?
It expires in 5 years on Dec. 1, 2022. You must record a new form which will stay on permanent record.

8. How do I know which county to record my Assumed Name in?
It is the county you engage in business.

9. What if I am doing business in more than one county, do I have to record an Assumed Name form in each county?
No. A single registration can be effective for multiple or all 100 counties

10. What if I need to Amend or Withdraw my Assumed Name form?
You must Amend the Assumed Business name in the county you recorded the original Business name form with and within 60 days after a change in any of the original information. You must also Withdraw the Assumed Business name in the same county you originally filed your business name.


An excellent resource for small business owners is the Johnston Community College Small Business Center located at the Workforce Development Center on 135 Best Wood Drive in Clayton. They offer free workshops and seminars, confidential business counseling, and can answer all questions pertaining to small businesses. You may call them at 919-209-2015 or 919-209-2224.



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