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We are aware that many people have discovered that sensitive information such as Social Security numbers are accessible to the public from our website. In many cases there are very few sensitive numbers on documents. We want to provide you with information on how you can go about getting the information removed. Due to G.S. 132-1.10 (f) (the Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005), we can not remove the information without your written permission and according to the law, you must give us the book and page number.

Complete the Redaction Request Form and return it to us so that we can remove your sensitive information from the site. This form can be returned to us by mail, fax, dropped off in person, or through email. Once we obtain the completed form we will remove the information and make it to where it is no longer visible on our website. Please be aware that we can only remove the information from the website, we cannot remove it from the original document, due to current laws.

It is my hope, that The Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005 will be made stronger to protect the citizens of Johnston County more. I will continue to stand up and ask the NC General Assembly to make the law tougher.

Sincerely yours,
Craig Olive
Johnston County Register of Deeds
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