List of Accomplishments

  • Notary Authentication Fees were eliminated.
  • Copying fees were reduced from $.25 to $.10 a copy
  • Installed a software system that saved Johnston County over $300,000. This is done by providing instant turnaround of documents and simplifying access to our public records.
  • Implemented a system to scan documents and place them on line. The original documents can then be returned right back to the customer; this helps reduce paper usage. 
  • Developed a secure website for genealogists to search vital records.
  • Developed an online marriage application as a courtesy to help reduce waiting time in the office.
  • As of December 1, 2005, the Register of Deeds can redact ID numbers (Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers, etc) off of documents online.
  • On May 24, 2007, Johnston County became the first county able to accept eRecording documents that had been approved by following the NC Secretary of State guidelines. 
  • We have digitized land and vital records dating from 1746, allowing for easier access of historical records.
  • Our office began accepting Credit Card payments.
  • Worked with Senator David Rouzer, to introduce a bill for a stronger Identity Protection Act. The bill for the Identity Protection Act was passed in July 2009 due to my efforts.
  • In February 2010 the Johnston County Register of Deeds office became the first county in the nation to accept plat maps electronically.
  • In February 2010, Craig Olive was awarded “The Honorary Keeper of the Constitution” by the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office for striving to modernize and make public records more accessible while securing them at a historical level of safety.  This accomplishment has made the Johnston County Register of Deeds office a model for public record keeping in NC.
  • Since taking office, Craig Olive has returned 1.7 million dollars in unused funds from his budget.
  • Due to automation in the office the Register of Deeds budget has decreased by 30%.
  • We now offer statewide birth certificates (***Must be born after 1971***).  You can now come to our office and get a certified copy of your birth certificate as long as you were born in NC, you were not adopted, and you were born after 1971.
  • Our new software allows us to email customers their receipts along with document images.
  • Online notary verification system
  • Offer passports and passport photos
  • We are currently in the process of having all of our old documents indexed back to the beginning of the county.  This will provide people with a much easier way to search for old/genealogical records. 
  • Currently, approximately 73% of our real estate volume is being electronically recorded.  This is not only much better for the environment (Don’t have as much paperwork being mailed back and forth) but it is also a much quicker/easier solution for both the attorneys involved and the people whose documents the attorneys are recording.
  • Now offer the ability for the public to order certified copies of vital records online.  This makes it much easier for the public to get what they need while minimizing the time and effort it takes for them to get their records.
  • Winner of the 2015 Tyler Technologies Excellence Award.
  • Implemented changes to our software that allows our vital records department to scan birth and death certificates the second they arrive to our office.  This speeds up the process of issuing certified copies of death certificates.
  • Installed a document search terminal that is handicap accessible .



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