1280 percent increase in fees

As October 1, 2011, approaches with the new fee increases in the Register of Deeds Office across North Carolina, I have discovered extra hidden fees that were pushed by the North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds. 

This particular document located in our records in Johnston County, which was an assignment, was recorded in book 3865 page 543.  The cost was $20 to record this document, but with the new fee increase, it will now cost $276.00, a 1,280 percent increase.  With the increasing cost of recording fees for assignments, lenders now will stop recording assignments and will cause absence of title.  This may cause problems to the public when searching records. 

I have been against fee increases all along and have stood up for the citizens of Johnston County.  I am calling on NCARD and Legislators to act quickly to solve this problem before it causes problems to the citizens. I am also asking them to repeal the recent fee increases that were in HB 384.  We are in a great recession, with unemployment at an all time high, gas prices soaring; high rate of foreclosures and bad housing market now is not the time to put hidden taxes on potential home buyers and sellers.



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