Craig Olive and Staff Recognized by Rep. Ellmers

CRAIG OLIVE ``PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST' -- HON. RENEE L. ELLMERS (Extensions of Remarks - July 12, 2011)





Tuesday, July 12, 2011

  • Mrs. ELLMERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to acknowledge my dear friend Craig Olive . Since taking office in December, 2002, as Johnston County's Registrar of Deeds, Craig Olive has made tremendous strides in efficiency, innovative office automation, streamlining services, reducing costs to citizens and going the extra mile to serve the people of Johnston County.
  • Craig has been consistent in his efforts to reduce fees, maximize office efficiency, improve computerization and automation of services, and provide excellent customer service for Johnston's citizens. He implemented a recording software program, to streamline the process of recording documents at a cost savings of over $300,000 in a five year period. He has automated the marriage license process--allowing issuance of a license in 10 minutes. He has also automated the issuance of other vital records, i.e., birth and death certificates, reducing waiting time and increasing productivity. He has digitized all records dating back to the beginning of the county; mid-1700s. Craig was the first Registrar of Deeds in North Carolina to follow the North Carolina Secretary of State's standards and submit an ``eRecording.' Craig's office was the first in the Nation to electronically record a survey map. Through the automation of his office, Craig has been able to increase the efficiency of his office, while at the same time saving valuable tax dollars.
  • In service to the county and State, Craig has spearheaded the effort to have legislation enacted that would conceal individuals' Social Security and driver's license numbers from appearing on the Internet, via public records.
  • Craig and his staff always go the extra mile while treating everyone with respect. In February 2010, NC Secretary of State awarded Craig with the Honorary Keeper of the Constitution for outstanding recordkeeping of public documents.
  • Craig has been consistent in carrying out policies and methods that have reduced fees and costs for citizens and professionals, improved productivity and efficiency through automation, and has consistently made sure that his office provides outstanding customer service. Mr. Olive , through his service, provides the blueprint of how a Registrar of Deeds office should be run in order to provide the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, innovation and service for the people of this county.11


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