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Dear Valued Customers and Citizens

I am proud to introduce a new way of accepting documents to be recorded in your Register of Deeds office. It is electronic recording. With our changing global economy this new way of recording documents will benefit everyone. This new technology will bring recording to a new plateau. I am very proud that Johnston County is leading the state in this new endeavor. As your public servant in this office I will continue to look at ways to enhance customer service and lower costs for the tax payers. Here are some of the numerous benefits of eRecording:

• Streamline Operations - Increase staff productivity and eliminate paper-handling processes and errors.
• Increase Document Security - Filing electronically increases document security.
• Save Time and Money - eRecording speeds up round-trip recording and is more economical than using a runner, express mail or courier service. eRecording will also save the taxpayers by reducing the need for more employees in the Register of Deeds office.
• Quick Turnaround - Documents are recorded and then returned to the submitter for their review in a matter of seconds.
• Environmentally Friendly - By eliminating paper Registers, submitters, and notaries will be supporting environmental initiatives related to the saving of trees and the energy that is expended to convert them to paper.

Here is a list of the companies that our office is currently accepting eRecordings from:

EDL - Contact Tim Davis at 919-341-4101 for more information.

Settleware Secure Services Inc. - Contact Kyle Stephenson at 919-395-7750 for more information.

Simplifile - Contact Bob Gannon at 336-543-3796 for more information

Johnston County Register of Deeds