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The Sheriff’s Aggressive Field Enforcement (SAFE) Team was formed in July of 2007 after the Sheriff requested and received from the Board of County Commissioners eight deputy sheriff positions.

The main focus of the SAFE Team is to patrol the roadways of our county, focusing on criminal activity, drunk drivers, conducting checkpoints and targeting specific areas of the county known for illegal drug and other criminal activity.

The SAFE Team has also worked with high school aged drivers in the county to educate them on the effects of drunk and unsafe driving. Johnston County has recently lead the state with the number of teen fatalities on our roadways. The SAFE Team continues to patrol the roadways around our area high schools to promote awareness, in an effort to reduce and stop the teen fatalities that we have experienced.

Overall, the success of the SAFE Team has resulted in fewer drunk drivers behind the wheel, and a reduction in teen fatalities, making Johnston County roadways safer to travel with our families.