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Law Enforcement Center
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P.O. Box 1049
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911 Dispatch: 919-934-9411
Administration: 919-989-5611 Fax: 919-989-5009
Request a copy of a 911 Call by E-mail
This request may take up to a minimum of 48 hours to complete. All the following information is needed to complete your request. After 48 hours, you may call the center and check the status of this record to see if it is ready for you to pick up. Scott Beasley at 919-989-5612 If you need a recording of the call, you will need to provide us with a replacement CD-R of 1 new unused CD-R 700mb /80 minute / 48X multi speed, Compact disc, recordable or 2 if needing court copy.

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Check if applyI am requesting a paper copy of the following call.
Check if applyI am requesting a voice copy of the following 911 call.
Check if applyI am requesting a additional sealed copy for court.
Date of the 911 call.
Time of 911 call, list AM or PM.
Address the call came from.
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