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Welcome to the Johnston County, North Carolina Tax Administration Office.  Tax Administrator is Sheila Garner


Did you know?

Property taxes may be paid in monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly installments.  We know that coming up with a large sum of money at one time can be difficult.  If smaller, more frequent payments would be helpful, you may complete a payment plan or contact the collections office at 919-989-5120 to set up a personalized payment plan.


Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

Johnston County's annual Property Tax Bills are mailed to property owner's each year in late July. Property taxes are due and payable on September 1st. The entire amount must be paid in full prior to January 5th of the following calendar year to avoid interest and costly enforced collection. In addition to the amount of tax due, the tax bill contains other useful information. Click here for a detailed illustration that provides a better understanding of the statement.

I Received My 2019 Tax Statement and Need Additional Information

2019 Tax Statements mailed on July 31st.  This is the first bill you have received since we completed the 2019 county-wide real property revaluation.  You may notice changes in your property value and/or the tax amount and not understand what caused the change.  Homeowners who have an escrow account might wonder why the bill wasn't sent to their mortgage company.  Or perhaps it is difficult for you to pay the entire tax at one time.  By clicking on a link below, you will receive additional information on these and other topics.


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