Ray Blackmon
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Physical Address:
3149 Swift Creek Road
Smithfield, NC 27577
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3149 Swift Creek Road
Smithfield, NC 27577
Phone: 919-934-0992
Fax: 919-934-1214
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Can you put fuel in my plane?
A: YES. Name and hangar #, TD or location of airplane (MARS, Sparkchasers, D&S, etc)

Q: What are the hours of operation for the airport?
A: The airport is open Mon – Fri 7:00AM – 7:00PM, Weekends 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Q: Do you have Mobile Aircraft Repairs/ Sparkchasers/ D&S phone number?
A: Yes, 934-5468, 934-1654, 938-4082.

Q: How much is your airplane fuel?
A: This will change with every load. Check website for price or call. JetA with additive cash $3.50, credit $3.56. All tax included.

Q: Can I go from JNX to Florida (anywhere in the US)?
A: No, we do not have commuter flights – only private charter (on small planes through JNX Flight)

Q: What is this plane/helicopter/jet doing over my house?
A: We can’t tell because we are uncontrolled airspace. We would need a tail number of the plane and maybe we could talk to the pilot on the intercom.

Q: Where can I learn to fly?
A: JNX Flight School next door – 938-4569

Q: Do you rent airplanes?
A: No, but JNX flight does.

Q: How can I get a rental car?
A: Call Thrifty car rental in Clayton – 550-5151 or Enterprise 938-2562.