Shelter Opening at North Johnston Middle School On Thursday, September 5th at 1:00 P.M.

Shelter Opening at North Johnston Middle School
On Thursday, September 5th at 1:00 P.M.


Smithfield, NC – The Johnston County Emergency Operations Center will open a shelter at North Johnston Middle School on Thursday, September 5 at 1:00 P.M.  The shelter is located at 435 Oil Company Road, Micro, NC  27555. 

Individuals who anticipate evacuating to a shelter should gather their personal items to include bedding, medication, comfort and personal hygiene items; infant supplies such as formula, bottles, disposable diapers and pacifiers; and important personal documents.  Items that will not be allowed at the shelters include alcoholic beverages and weapons of any type.


The shelter at North Johnston Middle School will also be a pet friendly co-location shelter which will be equipped to handle dogs and cats; however space will be limited.  Those choosing to bring their pets to the shelter should know that the pets will be housed separately and you will have limited access to visit your pet.


Keep in mind that a pet-friendly shelter is simply a holding area to provide shelter for those who could not shelter in place.  You will not be able to stay with your pet while at the shelter.  Your pet will be placed in a designated area for their own safety and the safety of other shelter residents.  It is a secure area overseen by Johnston County Animal Services Staff and trained volunteers.


Owners will be responsible for the care and well-being of their animal. There will be a schedule, of at least of twice a day, when you may feed, clean and walk your pet.  Owners will need to bring all the supplies necessary to care for your pet with you to the shelter.  Please bring a crate that your pet is able to stand up and turn around in.  They will be kept in a carrier or crate during their stay.

Below are recommendations for a Disaster Supply Kit for Pets:

  • Proper identification
  • Immunization records
  • Rabies tag
  • Food and water (2 wks. supply)
  • A carrier or portable kennel
  • Medications
  • Collar and leash (muzzle, if necessary)
  • Manual can opener
  • Current photo of pet
  • Feeding and water bowls
  • Favorite toys and blanket
  • Cat litter/pan and scoop
  • Grooming items
  • Plastic bags to handle waste


Those individuals who anticipate evacuating with their pets should remember to bring the suggested supplies. If you are not able to gather all these supplies, accommodations will still be provided for you and your pet.

We encourage everyone to take all precautionary measures possible should Hurricane Dorian impact Central North Carolina.  Please continue to monitor radio, television and social media for further updates.