Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas Tree Disposal 

December 30, 2019

1:00 pm

Smithfield, NC  --  Johnston County residents may take discarded Christmas trees to the County Landfill located at 680 County Home Road, Smithfield.   All residents possessing a Solid Waste Decal may take their discarded Christmas trees at no charge to the County landfill or to any of the twelve Solid Waste Convenience Sites located throughout the County.   There will be a fee for this service for residents who do not have a Solid Waste Decal. 

Ornaments, wire, lights and all other decorations must be removed before discarding Christmas trees.  Trees that are collected will be ground into mulch for beneficial use.   

If you have any questions, please contact the Johnston County Solid Waste Services Department at (919) 938-4750.


Note about Fees:  Customers without a Trash Decal will have their trees weighed at the Landfill.  The fee is the normal $18 per ton rate.  In most cases, the minimum fee of $5.00 will cover the tree.  Please also note that most of the municipalities will have their own collection procedures for Christmas trees within their local districts.  Municipal customers may also use the County Landfill.