To apply for child support services, complete the following to begin the application process.

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Attorneys are an important part of the CSE process. CSE attorneys serve as advisors, advocates, negotiators, intermediaries, and evaluators. For more information.

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The calculator will estimate your monthly child support payment based on North Carolina's child support guidelines.

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List of commonly asked questions regarding Child Support Services.

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More information about the Johnston County Child Support Enforcement Office may be obtained by contacting the office located in the Johnston County Law Enforcement Center

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Welcome to Johnston County Child Support

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Johnston County Child Support Enforcement Office is to help children obtain financial support to which they are entitled from the non-custodial parent.

  • Our Services

    Johnston County Child Support provides the following services: location of absent parents, establishment of legal child support obligations, collection of child support payments, and enforcement of child support obligations

  • Your Cooperation

    In order for our office to be successful in assisting you, your cooperation is needed in the following areas: providing accurate information, keeping the office informed of changes in your circumstances, responding to correspondence, keeping appointments, appearing in court, and informing the office of any court action for support you may have taken.
    It is most important that you inform the office of any changes in your address and telephone number. If you are receiving public assistance, failure to cooperate may result in the reduction and eventual termination of your benefits. The office may also file legal action against you. If you do not receive public assistance, failure to cooperate may result in your case being closed.