MapClick Printing


In the menu, if there is an arrow next to a format, this indicates that different print sizes can be selected. This is useful for sending information to a plotter. For desktop printers, only letter size is appropriate. The print sizes offered are letter (8.5”x11”), ANSI C (17”x22”), ANSI D (22”x34”) and ANSI E (34”x44”). Another size option in this list is HTML. This option allows a user to right click on a map and save the map as a digital image.


For letter size, MapClick will print to the user defined scale that appears under the Maps & Layers tab. If it is to print to scale in a larger size sheet of paper on a plotter, an equivalent ratio must be used to print to that scale. Size C will be 2x the input scale, Size D will be 3x the scale, and Size E will be 4x the scale. Example: To print 1"= 200' scale on a size C, a scale of 1"=400' must be used. To print a 1"=200' scale on a size D, a scale of 1”=600’ must be used. To print a 1”=200’ on a size E, a scale of 1"=800' must be used.