New Features in MapClick Application

Happy GIS Day!  In honor of GIS DAY this year, we have decided to roll out our newest features in MapClick!! 
The newest features include a Markup Tab,  updated Measuring Tool, and new Print Features.  The Markup Tab will allow you to "mark up" the map with text, lines, and polygons.  You will be able to draw on your map, add any text you like, save to a folder or email. 
The Measure tool has been updated to allow you to choose how you would like to measure, either by feet or area.  As you measure, the footage will display on the map window per measured segment for your convenience. 
Finally, we have brand new capabilities within our Print options, and one feature that we are particularly excited about allows you to determine the print area of the map. 
All of the newest features have instructions within the query window, and you can also find in-depth instructions with screenshots on page 25-27 of the Instruction Manual located under Help at the top of the page in the MapClick application, click on the MapClick Help on the GIS website as well. 
A new feature was released earlier in the year that allows you to export multiple parcel queries with all of the ownership and sale data into a csv file.  Check out page 4-5 of the Instruction Manual for details.
We hope these newest tools will be beneficial for you, and if we can assist you in using these new features, please feel free to contact our office 919-989-5153 and our team would be happy to help you anytime.
A link to our MapClick application is below.  If you currently have either of these links saved as a bookmark or a shortcut on your desktop you might need to clear your cache, resave the link below, or go to our website and click on the links to see the latest changes.
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