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Portability is the transfer of a voucher from one Section 8 agency to a location in another agency’s jurisdiction. One must already have a Housing Choice Voucher in order to port in or out of our county.

Porting Out of Johnston County:

Applicants must have lived in Johnston County for at least a year, at the time in which they applied for assistance, to be able to port to another county or state.  Otherwise, they must live in Johnston County for at least a year before they are eligible to transfer.  View a list of housing agencies in nearby counties.

Porting to Johnston County from another county or state:

Current Section 8 voucher holders who are residing in another county or state and wish to port to Johnston County must first complete a 30-day notice with their current agency and let their agency know they want to port to Johnston County.

HAPP’s payments standards are as follows:

Payment Standards for HAPP Effective: 10/01/2020

Number of Person(s) in HH Voucher Size Fair Market Rent % Used Payment Standard Suggested Rent Amt
  0 BR / Efficiency 1013 90%  $866  
1 to 3 people 1 BR 1053 100% $1,053 $925-$975
4 to 5 people 2 BR 1200 100% $1,200 $1050-$1100
6 to 7 people 3 BR 1509 90% $1,358 $1200-$1250
8+ people 4 BR 1950 90% $1,775 $1500
  Mobile Home Lot Rent 480 90% $432  


(Must already have a Section 8 voucher to port)


Send Portability information to:

Allison Dunn

or fax to: 919-989-5421

or mail to: 
P.O. Box 1515
Smithfield, NC 27577

Email is the preferred method as it’s more efficient which speeds up the portability process.

Once our agency receives your Portability file from your current agency, one of our Housing Specialists will call you to make an appointment for you to come in for your briefing. Please be sure your agency includes a current contact number for you.


Page last updated:  September, 2020

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