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For more information, contact the HAPP office directly at 919-989-5070.


HAPP Waiting List is Currently Closed - We are not accepting applications at this time.

All eligible applicants are placed on the Waiting List in the order in which applications are received. HAPP only has ONE waiting list so no one gets preference over another.

The HAPP office mails an annual purge letter each year in January.  This letter MUST be returned back to HAPP by the end of February in order to remain on the Waiting List. It’s very important to report any change of addresses, as mail is HAPP’s way of corresponding with applicants. We also request a working email address to be submitted on the form. If this letter isn’t returned by the due date, the applicant will be removed from the Waiting List.

Once an applicant’s name is reached on the Waiting List, and criminal checks on all household members age 18 and older are completed and approved, HAPP will then send the applicant a letter letting them know they are next in line to receive a voucher. Please note, once an applicant is placed on the Waiting List, the wait time is an average of 4-6 years before receiving a voucher for rental assistance.




Page last updated:  November 8, 2023

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