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Cemetery Project Needs Your Help!

The Cemetery Records of Johnston County were compiled between 1975 and 1982 and published as a seven-volume set of books. Despite that effort, many cemeteries were missed in this first attempt of documenting the gravesites of our ancestors. The North Carolina State Archives is now encouraging every county in the state to complete and update records and to keep this as an ongoing project. The Johnston County Heritage Center and the Johnston County Genealogical and Historical Society are directing the local effort. Numerous church, family, and community cemeteries need to be surveyed for the first time. Others need to be revisited for changes made since the 1982 survey. If you can help with this project, call the Johnston County Heritage Center at (919) 934-2836 or e-mail We'll give you instructions on how to survey and document this genealogical information, including how to identify unmarked graves and read tombstones. Participants will be given credit for their work in the new compilation.

Other Ways You Can Help Us

The Johnston County Heritage Center operates as a department of County Government, funded in part by the taxpayers of Johnston County. Even so, we also rely on donations of historical materials, volunteers, and financial contributions to make it possible to build up and preserve our collections and to provide public programs.

Materials Acquisition Policy

Collection of significant artifacts of local history helps fulfill the Heritage Center’s mission of “preserving the history and material culture of Johnston County.” For purposes of this policy, “artifacts” include books, manuscripts, correspondence, reports, journals, photographs, audio-visual recordings, and other memorabilia that may be securely stored yet made accessible to the public.

The Heritage Center director will determine whether an object meets the center's collecting criteria. In evaluating the object for acceptance into the Heritage Center’s archives, the director will consider the following questions:

  • Was the object made or used in Johnston County?
  • What is the object's historical significance?
  • Is there documentation, written or oral, on the object?
  • Does the object need conservation work?
  • Does the object augment or duplicate items in existing collections?
  • What is the object's exhibit potential?
  • What impact would the object have on available storage space?
  • Is the object’s size and weight manageable by the Heritage Center’s staff?

If the object meets the criteria, the director may accept it outright or report to the Johnston County Heritage Commission for advice on whether the object should be accepted. If the object is accepted, the director will provide the donor a Deed of Gift. This legal document certifies that the object is the donor’s property and that the donor agrees to assign all rights associated with the object to the Heritage Center. When the donor signs and returns the Deed of Gift, the object becomes part of the permanent collection of the Heritage Center.

The Heritage Center does not appraise a donated item for income-tax purposes. That is the responsibility of the donor. The Heritage Center will provide a letter to the donor acknowledging receipt of the gift.

In some cases, a donor may wish to lend an object to the Heritage Center rather than make an outright donation. In that case, the donor may sign a Loan of Artifacts or Materials Agreement allowing the Heritage Center to archive and display the object until such time that the donor requests that it be returned. The Heritage Center will safeguard loaned objects in the same manner as deeded objects are secured.

Contributing Patrons

We gratefully acknowledge the following contributing patrons who made cash donations to the Johnston County Heritage Center in 2019-2020.

DIAMOND ($1,000+)

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Booker

Steve & Suzanne Cook

Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation

Maggie B. Holding Charitable Trust

Olivia B. Holding

Ross & Faye Lampe

David & Mary Stephens



Atkinson Milling Company, Inc.

Gail & Joe Austin

Donald Bailey

Carroll Pharmacy

Julia S. Elsee

Fair Fund of Triangle Community Foundation/Tom & Joy Howerton

Denton & Jane Lee

Charles & Jenelle Moore

Parrish Cleaning Services


GOLD ($250+)

Belle B. Allen

Rosa & Art Andrews

Emery & Kim Ashley

Jack & Diane Austin

Charles & Carmen Creech

Matt & Amy Dean

Grover & Lou Dees

Claud & JoAnne Dunn

Jerry & Mary Nell Ferguson

Warren & Genie Grimes

Perry and Jean Harris

Jim Henderson

Ann & Rich Huckenbeck

Tom & Hope Humphrey

Todd & Donna Johnson

Margaret L. Austin LeMaster

Cliff & Joyce Mitchell

Freddy & Linda Narron

Jack & Claudia O’Hale

Ben, Jr., & Annmarie Peterson

Marvin Taylor, in memory of Gunilla Taylor

Donald & Vicky Temple Rains

Lanny & Helen Thomas

Jay Vinson

Adam & Ashley Webster

Allen & Cissie Wellons

Gloria Coile Wells

Dr. Henry & Joyce Wright


SILVER ($100+)

Georgia Perry Adam

Dr. Mae E. Allen

Delane J. Armstrong, in memory of J. Marvin & Gertrude B. Johnson

Billy & Debbie Austin

Jesse & Lyn Austin

Mike & Kaye Bailey

Jay & Belinda Baker

Rudy & Pat Baker

Jerry & Michelle Ball

Ed & Gloria Baroody

Janice & Ken Bateman

Dick & Pam Baumgartner

Keith Beamon

Pearl Blackmon

Sarah Ogburn Blalock & Tara Blalock Johnson

Tony & Nobie Braswell

Spencer & Beverley Braswell

Tim Braswell

Curtis & Cindy Brookshire

Janet Brown

Landis & Paula Bullock

Steve & Gwen Canady

Ramona H. Cash

Sharon L. Castleberry

Jack & Judy Coats

Dr. & Mrs. Gettys Cohen Jr.

Lee & Alice Colbert

Graham & Olive Cooke

Judge Andy Corbett

Cornell & Jane Cox

Ralph & Bertha Crabtree

Ronny Creasy & Windy Thompson

Neal & Lorine Davis

Dr. Matthew & Lola Stephenson Delbridge

Bill & Patsy Denning

Jean Dunn

Bobby & Ann Eason

Sybil M.Edwards

Mary Ann S. Farrior

Dr. Ossie Fields

Mary O. Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Family Foundation

Cathy & Dixon Fleming

Joyce & Jim Gibson

Chis Gilliland

Patricia O. Godwin

Jeff & Denise Hall

Faye A. Hardee

Sam & Joan Narron Hardy

Dennie Harris

Cecil Heavner & Wendy Adams

Joe & Linda S. Hester

John & Frankie Hobart

Susan & Andy Holland

Edwin C. Holt, in memory of Dorothy C. Holt, Mr. & Mrs.J. Rufus Creech

Ronald J. Horton

Valerie J. Howell

David M. Huggin, in memory of Nancy Lassiter Huggin & Diana Montgomery Huggin

Beverly R. Johnson, in memory of Marshall H. Johnson

Carroll F. Johnson, in memory of Fred & Daisy Creech Johnson

James M. Johnson Jr.

Dr. Oliver & Lina Johnson

Ruffin & Connie Johnson

Bill & Rebecca Kalsbeek

William T. & Kay Kennedy

Frank & Betsy Knott

Royce and Tina Lambert

Herman & Dianne Lancaster

J. H. Langdon Jr.

Ken & Janet Langston

John C. Lassiter, in memory of Mary Frances Bingham

Susan & Wingate Lassiter

Jim & Lillian Lawrence

Joyce & David Lee

Tom & Barbara Lee

Dr. Robert & Mrs. Karen Lippitt

Tony & Anita Liverman

Betsy B. Massengill

Pam Massengill

George B. & Gayle Mast, in memory of Frank Holding & Katherine Boyette

Bonnie J. McIntyre, in honor of Rebecca S. Owens

John P. McPhail, in memory of Louise Sewell

Patricia H. Mellor

Richard & Missy Nordan

Rebecca S. Owens

Reggie & Dianne Parker

Lena Patterson Parks

Tom & Ann Parrish

Joe & Jane Patterson

Dr. & Mrs. Riley Pleasants

Chap & Ann Ragland

Lynn & William Ragsdale

Margaret S. Reid

Gene & Donnye Rooks

Roger & Suzanne Sadowski

Velvaline & Nathaniel L. Sanders Jr.

John & Margaret Scovil

Richard Self & Becky Veazey

Jesse & Kathy Sellers

Lib Holland Sheppard

Herb & Louise Simmons

Jean Simmons

Katie & Rhett Smith

Talmadge R. & Rochelle D. Snead

Durward & Ann Stallings

Millard & Patti Stallings

Rebecca S. & Michael V. Starling

Neppie & Mike Stevens

Rep. Larry C. Strickland,

NC House of Representatives

David & Margie Stubbs

Mike & Annie Sutton

Jack & Janie Temple

Harold & Carolyn Tharrington

Gary R. & Glenda M. Underwood

Dr. Stan & Beth Watson

Billy & Clara Wellons

Tresa W. & Nelson Wheeler

Rep. Donna White,

NC House of Representatives

Hampton & Betsy Whittington

Susan Kilgore Wiley

Jean S. Williams

Ed & Brenda Wood

Bruce & Ann Woodard

Lanie & Jim Woodard

Richard V. Woodard

Ben & Kellie Youngblood


BRONZE ($50)

Ernie & Margo Allsbrook

Bill & Sarah Avery

Eva P. Baker

Lettie Best

Mary Wood Britt

Rose H. Brown

Joyce Lipscomb Canady

Eleanor N. Creech

Grover Creech

Jean J. Creech

Will R. Crocker

Chad, April & Ava Culver

Selma Davis

Ed & Betsy Dunnagan

Sarah Edwards

Dr. Carolyn G. Ennis

Campbell Gibson

Talton Gibson

Flora H. Grantham

Thad E. Hardee

Rick Herndon

Rick Hester

Sherry & Jeff Holt

Joan Lawrence Howell

Bill G. Johnson

Frances Aycock Kiker

Jackie Lacy

Glenn & Mary Ann Lee

Tucker Lyon

Jeanette Massengill

Helen Carter Moore

Laura Moore

Mary George Narron

Jennifer Vileigh Narron-Hardy

Frances Dawson Norris

Mayor Cheryl Oliver

Phyllis Palmer

Phyllis Parrish

Gerald & Brenda Peedin

Gerald & Shelia Rowland

Silas B.Sauls

Festus & Edna Snead

Bobby T. Stephenson

Ann H. Swertfeger

Gerald & Glenda Toler

Quinton K. Wall

Janice C. White

Carolyn Williams

Mary S. Windley

Genevieve Medlin Woodall

Carlyle Woodard


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