Dr. R. J. Noble Account Book and Record of Births

Dr. R.J. Noble practiced medicine in Selma, NC for nearly 55 years.  He was born in 1853 and died in 1930.   His Account Book was donated to the Johnston County Heritage Center by his grandson, Dr. Richard J. Noble of Columbia, SC.  The original Account Book is held in our Rare Book collection, as well as the transcription which was made a few months after the donation.  This database was created from the transcription.

Dr. Noble’s birth records date from December 1881 through January 1915, with the exception of 1911 and 1912.  North Carolina did not mandate the recording of births until 1913, and even then it was several years before births were regularly recorded in the official county records, which is why this Record of Births may be particularly valuable to local researchers.

Most of these entries do not include the name of the child and most of the mothers are listed as Mrs. [husband’s initials/name].  The spelling of some surnames has been standardized to make searching and alphabetization easier.  For instance, all the Batton entries have been changed to Batten, Braddy to Brady, etc.  In some cases multiple entries are likely the same woman, but the spellings are different enough to warrant leaving them “as is”, such as Aldrich/Aldridge or Kemper/Kemple/Keniple (these last all being “Mrs. Konrad”). 

Check for any alternate surname spellings, or enter only the first few letters of the surname in the search box.  It is up to the researcher to cross-reference alternate sources, such as the US Census records, baptism records, Johnston County school census, delayed birth certificates, and family bible records.

As part of the Johnston County Heritage Center's Research Databases Project, we are happy to provide you with a searchable collection of the birth records from Dr. Noble in Selma. Please follow the instructions below to perform your search.

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