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Fireworks Information and Application

All the items listed below are required to obtain a Fireworks Display Permit.

  1. Complete the Fireworks Display Application ( Fillable | Print-Only )
  2. Obtain written authority from Johnston County Board of Commissioners.
  3. Provide a Bond or Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $500,000.
  4. Provide a Valid Copy of Operator’s License issued by the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal - Pyrotechnic.  The Office of the State Fire Marshal is a section within the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
  5. For outdoor displays, applications shall include a diagram of the location at which the display will be conducted that shows the site from which fireworks will be discharged, the locations of building, highways, overhead obstructions and utilities; as well as the lines behind which the audience will be restrained.
  6. List of provisions for adequate fire protection.
  7. List of names of parties responsible for crowd control.
  8. List of names and ages of operator assistants who have been fully trained in the proper performance of their tasks.
  9. List of the names of the assistants who will be conducting inspection of the fall-out area after display before allowing public access.
  10. One copy of instructions for each type of fireworks displayed and approximate number discharged.
  11. The name, address, and phone number of the individual, group, or organization sponsoring the outdoor fireworks display.










Page last updated: March 9, 2022

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