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If you are interested in obtaining a particular name for a particular street, please use both of the searches below. There are two searches -- the first search will allow you to see if your street name has already been used, and the second will search for existing street names that may sound similar to your proposed street name. Duplicate and similar-sounding names cannot be be approved. You may want to print the results of your searches and bring these with you to the Planning and Zoning Office when you apply for your street name.

How to enter a street name below to see if it is available:
Only enter the street name (e.g., Main, Lee, etc.).
or the beginning of a street name (e.g., Sm, Li, etc.).
Do not include a street direction (e.g., N, S, E, W).
Do not include a street type (e.g., Drive, Road, Street, etc.).

If the search results do not show what you were expecting, enter less of the name.
For example, if you enter "Lee" for the street, you will see a list of all streets starting with "Lee". This includes Lee Youngblood Road, Lee Farm Road, Lee Street, etc. If you enter "Lee" in the Search for Similar-Sounding Names, your results will include Lee Road, Leah Road, Lee Circle, Lou Circle, etc.


Find a Street Name by Spelling
Enter Street Name to Search for:


Search for Similar-Sounding Street Names
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Page last updated: May 25, 2021

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