FAQ's About Delayed Birth Records

What is a delayed birth? 
All certificates registered one or more years after the date of birth are to be registered on a Delayed Certificate of Birth Form prescribed by the State Registrar; application to be made to the register of deeds in the county of birth. The completed application form shall be retained by the register of deeds.

What documentary evidence or facts to be established are required?

Pursuant to G.S. 130A-92(7) and 15A NCAC 19H.0402:

(a) The minimum facts which must be established by documentary evidence shall be:

1. the full name of the person at the time of birth;
2. the date and place of birth;
3. the full maiden name of the mother; and
4. the full name of the father, except for births as specified in G.S. 130A-101(f).

Documents presented, other than personal affidavits, to establish these facts must be from independent sources and shall be in the form of an original official record (record created by or for a business or publicly-funded agency or organization during the normal course of business) or a certified copy or a signed statement from the custodian of the record. These documents must be at least five years prior to the date of application. Exception: documents established less than five years prior to date of application shall be accepted if created prior to the applicant's fifth birthday.

(b) An affidavit of personal knowledge must be signed by one of the parents, or a person older than the applicant having knowledge of the facts of birth before an official authorized to administer oaths.

(c) Three pieces of evidence are required for applicants, only one of which may be an affidavit. All three documents must prove name and date of birth. Two of the documents must prove place of birth. One document must prove parentage.

(d) All evidence must be abstracted or included with the application and must be signed by the appropriate official. The application and affidavits of personal knowledge shall be retained by the register of deeds for one year. Other supporting documents may be returned to the applicant upon completion of the certificate.

What is required to complete the certificate? 
Pursuant to 15A NCAC 19H .0403: Upon receiving the application and supporting evidence, the register of deeds shall abstract on the delayed certificate of birth a description of each document submitted to support the facts shown on the delayed birth certificate. The description shall include: (1) the title or description of the document; (2) the name and address of the affiant, if the document is an affidavit; or of the custodian, if the document is an original or certified copy of a record or a signed statement; (3) the date of the original filing of the document being abstracted; and (4) the information regarding the birth facts supported by the document.

Each delayed certificate of birth shall be signed and sworn to before an official authorized to administer oaths by the person whose birth is to be registered if such person is 18 years of age and is competent to sign. Otherwise, the certificate shall be signed and sworn to by one of the parents or guardians of the applicant.

When can the delayed certificate be dismissed? 
Applications which are not completed within one year may be dismissed at the discretion of the register of deeds. Upon dismissal, all documents may be returned to the applicant.

Can a delayed birth certificate be issued for a deceased person? 
Applications for delayed birth certificates shall not be accepted and shall not be filed for persons who have died.

Forms Related to Birth Certificates:

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