Soil and Water Conservation

Johnston County, North Carolina

Service Learning Project (SLP) Contest

Please Note - This contest is NOT required by Teams but is a separate, independent contest

The Department of Public Instruction is encouraging school programs, like advanced courses of study, to have each student to do a service project to positively impacts student outcomes. Some counties now require seniors to do a project before they graduate.

The NC Envirothon Committee voted to start a Community Learning Service Project contest as part of the NC Envirothon program. This is a separate, voluntary project, independent from the Envirothon team competition. Teams DO NOT have to do a SLP to compete in the NC Envirothon. 1st place award for High School and Middle School winners - $100 cash + plaque


  1. Open to High School and to Middle School NC Envirothon teams.

  2. Teams interested in submitting a SLP for the contest must be registered and compete at their Area Envirothon. They do not need to place in the top 7 and advance on to the statewide event in order for their SLP contest admission to be considered.

  3. Envirothon teams will design and develop a community type project and carry it out during the school year. It can be a service project, a physical project or a data-sharing project:
    • Physical project: (e.g. outdoor classroom, nature trail, wildlife habitat development, small pond at school, etc...)
    • Service project: (e.g. high school Envirothon team teaching younger students, picking up litter along a designated stream, starting a recycling program in school, etc...)
    • Data-sharing project: (e.g. presenting data on effects of stormwater runoff on the environment, keeping data on a stream/pond as to water quality parameters such as DO, pH, macro-invertebrates found, putting this information into a poster paper and presenting it, etc...)

  4. Project has to be written up in a format with enough detail that a layman can understand what your mission and goals were. It can include graphs, pictures, posters, etc...

  5. A 15 minute (minimum) presentation of the project must be made to a public body or a meeting of people from the community. Examples include Community Service Organization like the Lions Club or Rotary Club, or a public body such as the Soil and Water Conservation District Board or County Commissioners.

  6. Video tape the presentation and send it in to be judged along with the write up of the project.

  7. Deadline for submission is March 1st.

  8. Winners are announced and plaques are awarded at the awards ceremony of the NC Envirothon (Saturday). Teams do not have to be present to win.

  9. Submissions should be sent to Sandra Weitzel, Division of Soil and Water Conservation, 1614 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1614