Soil and Water Conservation

Johnston County, North Carolina

Top 10 Reasons To Know Your Ecological Address

  • When someone asks you what direction your house faces, you won't say, "the street".
  • When someone says the word "watershed", you won't think about a shed where water is kept.
  • When someone asks you what type of soil you have, you won't say, "hey, just look over there at that pile of dirt in the road at the bottom of the hill next to the storm drain!"
  • When someone tells you that you are quite a conservationist, you won't reply, "gee, I didn't think I talked that much".
  • When someone asks you what your airshed is, you won't say "watch out, I had beans for supper!"
  • When someone asks you where your wastewater goes, you won't say "I don't waste water, it just goes under the house".
  • When someone asks you if you have had your soil tested, you won't say "gee, I didn't know it was that smart!"
  • When someone mentions urban runoff, you won't think of evacuation routes.
  • When someone runs over your mailbox, you will still know where in the world you are.

(By: Susan Watson Woodard, former NC Environmental Educator Johnston Soil and Water Conservation District)