Form Application

All the materials required for completing a Child Support application are available from the links below.

You may either complete the form apply electronically online or click on each link and download all the files and manually complete all of the forms.

Electronic Form Application

Notice: If you chose to fill the form electronically you we need to register to access the form, the electronic form allows you to save your information for you to return the later to resume the form.

English Form


Spanish Form


Manual Form Application

Notice: If you chose to fill the form manually you must gather copies of all required paperwork.
Once these forms below are complete (you can fill them out on the computer and print them out), and you have the other necessary paperwork available, you can submit your completed application package to the Child Support Office.

All files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you have questions or problems with the apply paperwork, please contact the Child Support Office directly. You will need to read and complete (where applicable) all the files linked below.  Thank you.

  1. DSS-4451 Application for Child Support Services
  2. Introductory letter describing the apply process and requirements
  3. List of required supplemental documents
  4. Child Support apply Supplemental Data Sheet
  5. Absent Parent Location Request Form
  6. Paternity, Support and Employment Form
  7. Information Receipt and Acknowledgement Signature Form
  8. Domestic Violence Memo of Understanding and Domestic Violence Information Sheet.

NOTICE: You must read, complete and return ALL OF THE ABOVE FORMS to the Child Support Office in order to complete and submit your application for Child Support Enforcement. 

You may use the Upload Link below to upload Additional documents relating to your case