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History / Facts

A Masonic lodge named Archer No. 157 was established by the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of North Carolina on December 6, 1854, at what was then known as Creachville. In 1865, the lodge building was razed and the charter destroyed by Gen. William T. Sherman's Union Army on their way to Raleigh. The lodge received a new charter after the war, but a clerical error resulted in a misnumbering, and it was designated Archer Lodge No. 165.

The community has had several post offices over the years. The first was called "Creachville", which existed from 1851 to 1866. This was followed by Archer Lodge (1877–1896). It was known as "Archer" from 1896 to 1912, when it closed. After 1912, the area was covered by either the Clayton or Wendell post offices.

The people of Archer Lodge voted on November 3, 2009, to incorporate Archer Lodge as a town. The vote was certified one week later.


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