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History / Facts

In 1963, Floyd G. Hinnant, Postmaster of Pine Level, wrote down his history of Pine Level:

In the days of slow transportation this little town, the third oldest in Johnston County, was a trading center for the pioneer turpentine prospectors and merchants who were obligated to feed the workers who followed those who were setting up turpentine distilleries. In 1868 two brothers, Daniel Thomas Oliver and William Berry Oliver migrated from Robinson County in the interest of turpentine, setting up a distillery. Finding the natural setting of pine trees applicable to their need and in a fairly level country, the town found its name, Pine Level.

Some records say Gaston Britt and Bryant Hinnant were merchants at the time the Oliver boys landed. They, too, built two separate stores with supplies for the workers. The D. T. Oliver Store is no longer doing business but the original building is still standing and is used as a workshop by a great grandson. The William Berry Store was purchased by the only surviving son, the late D. B. Oliver, in 1900 and is still in operation by his four sons. The Southern Railroad running through the pine tree growth enabled the turpentine dealers to dispose of the turpentine by the railroad placing a train stop in town. Then a place for a post office was arranged with Mr. Thomas Hinnant being the first recorded post master in 1886. Happy were the people when the Post Office Dept. in Washington, D. C. gave the south the free mail delivery service. Pine Level has an up-to-date post office with efficient service rendered.

During the early nineteen hundreds many more settlers moved into our little town and at this time we have one of the most progressive rural sections in the state. Pine Level has a population of nearly 1,000. It has a bank, oil mill, modern cotton gin, mercantile businesses which service the farmers of a large area, five churches, two civic clubs, a veteran's organization and a fine volunteer fire department. Work is now progressing on a modern water system to keep pace with the rapidly growing town.

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