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History / Facts

Princeton is located in eastern Johnston County, North Carolina halfway between the Town of Smithfield and the City of Goldsboro along US Highway 70. The Town of Princeton was incorporated by North Carolina law in 1861 under the name Boon Hill. The town first got its name from a man named Boon who kept a livery stable in the Holt's Pond area on the stagecoach road from Goldsboro to Raleigh. The town's name was changed to Princeton in 1873 by an act of the North Carolina General Assembly. The new name originated in 1863 from a man by the name of Hensley who moved to the town from Princeton, New Jersey.

Around the time of Princeton's incorporation, the estimated population was thought to be about one dozen. Today, Princeton is a flourishing community with an estimated population of 1,260. The town currently has a florist, a hardware store, a drugstore, an optician, a family medical practice, a separate pediatric practice, three grocery stores, and a kindergarten through 12th grade community school among its many services available to residents. With a proud history, all of these successful businesses, and prominent educational status it is no wonder that citizens proclaim Princeton as "Peaceful, Pleasant, Progressive, and Proud."

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