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Johnston County Commissioners Adopt Comprehensive Land Use Plan

August 11, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Smithfield, NC – After many months of strategic planning, public input, and arduous discussions the Johnston County Board of Commissioners adopted the County's new comprehensive land use plan, Envision Johnston, earlier this week.

Envision Johnston is a policy guide that details Johnston County’s long-term vision and outlines the steps to achieve it. The County will use the plan to inform land use decisions, regulations, capital investments, conservation, and economic development initiatives. Development of the plan has been a multi-year effort involving the entire community through various methods of public engagement.

"The Board of Commissioners is excited to take this step forward in ensuring a common vision for Johnston County for decades to come," said Board Chairman, Butch Lawter.

The plan’s strengths include a focus on preserving Johnston County’s rich agricultural industry and its role in the County’s economy, while also balancing the continued anticipated growth. Envision Johnston encourages, if not even incentivizes, higher densities in areas where an infrastructure backbone already exists and around the County's municipal partners. Strengthening relationships with our municipal partners will ensure current and future residents the access to amenities and commercial services that will contribute to a higher quality of life.

"Through the hard work of the land use committee, the public, County staff, and this Board, we believe that Envision Johnston will be an integral part of planning the growth and development in our community. We know there is still much more work to be done to ensure that the goals in this plan are met and brought to fruition," Lawter added.

Envision Johnston emphasizes investment in conservation, capital investment, and sustainability. Implementation of the plan is a shared responsibility that involves working with a wide variety of partners. Through cooperative efforts, the community will see higher quality development, greater preservation efforts, and greater opportunities for all that live, work, and play in Johnston County.

For more information on Envision Johnston, visit the planning department's website today.


Johnston County Commissioners Adopt Comprehensive Land Use Plan